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We are THE statewide association composed of 28 accredited and 9 developing local children’s advocacy centers (CACs) or developing multi-disciplinary team members. Our member CACs serve children throughout Ohio and the local professionals investigating and treating child sexual and physical abuse.

The CAC multidisciplinary approach maximizes the strength of all disciplines involved in child sexual abuse investigations and minimizes the trauma to child victims. ONCAC is committed to building on existing resources to benefit multidisciplinary efforts across Ohio and to providing services tailored to the needs of each community we serve.

We envision a future where all children and families in Ohio have access to the full-array of high-quality CAC services.

To achieve this vision, we execute our mission: to promote the establishment and success of Multidisciplinary Teams and Children’s Advocacy Centers by providing support, education, and networking opportunities to enhance Ohio’s response to child abuse.

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