The trafficking of children is recognized as a critical public health concern at national and local levels. The burden of identifying, referring and treating child victims requires multidisciplinary education for responders and providers within a coordinated community response, one that Children’s Advocacy Centers in Ohio do provide.

Since 2012, ONCAC has been the statewide provider network to serve as the first response system for minor victims of human trafficking. CACs have provided comprehensive, trauma-informed services to minor trafficking victims, educated their communities so they are better able to identify and report suspected trafficking, trained their multi-disciplinary team on the identification, investigation, and treatment of human trafficking, and developed important community resources to support in the long-terms health and recovery of child victims.


This infographic handout provides an overview of how CACs are leading a next generation response for exploited youth throughout Ohio. It illustrates how CACs are using a combination of inter-related life-factors commonly exploited by traffickers to increase early identification of non-disclosing youth. This, in combination with advanced data analysis tools, increases early access to treatments specifically designed for youth who have experienced trafficking, those being actively groomed for trafficking, and those at high risk of being targeted by traffickers.


Did you know?

Youth who are sexually abused as children are 28 times more likely to be arrested for prostitution than youth who have not experienced abuse.

Reference: K. Walker & F. Quraishi, National Center for Youth Law, From Abused and Neglected to Abused and Exploited: The Intersection Between the Child Welfare System and Child Sex Trafficking (Thorn Digital Defenders, 2014).

Learn more about the Ohio Protocol for Serving Child Victims of Human Trafficking in Ohio


Take a look at our quarterly reports that summarize the populations of minor trafficking victims being identified and served by CACs throughout the state.

ONCAC Response Human Trafficking Report Q2 2017-2018
ONCAC Response Human Trafficking Report Q3 2017-2018
ONCAC Response Human Trafficking Report Q4 2017-2018
ONCAC Response Human Trafficking Report Q1 2018-2019

ONCAC is proud to partner with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and Ohio Criminal Justice Services on our human trafficking initiatives.

CACs may also provide services to children who are being physically abused, neglected and/or witness violence, and adult sexual assault victims with developmental disabilities.

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