The Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers (ONCAC) was formed in 1999 by a group of child abuse professionals who felt that the Children’s Advocacy Center model was the most effective way to serve victims of child abuse and ensure their access to specialized services.

The original purpose of this group was to insure that developing Centers and Multidisciplinary Teams in Ohio would also have access to resources that would promote their growth and expansion.

In 2002, the Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers (ONCAC) became a private, non-profit 501c(3). The chapter continued to develop its programs and services, expanding its staff to a total of 3 full-time employees.

In 2008, organizational changes occurred in the staffing of ONCAC as two staff members left the chapter for new opportunities. In addition, the chapter experienced funding cuts which resulted in the chapter office closing for one year while the ONCAC membership revised the chapter’s by-laws, facilitated strategic planning, restructured its board and divided chapter services throughout the state’s centers.

In late 2009, ONCAC hired a part-time Chapter Coordinator to administer the chapter’s activities, starting with the sub-awardee grants provided by the National Children’s Alliance to the accredited centers in Ohio.  This position was moved to full-time in 2014 and re-named Chapter Director.

In January 2012, the Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers became an accredited Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance in Washington, DC.

Located in Columbus, Ohio, ONCAC provides membership services including training opportunities, children’s advocacy center (CAC) & multidisciplinary (MDT) technical assistance, weekly updates, networking opportunities, and a unified voice for all CACs.